I am extremely grateful for all your help and support, you’re just great! Another thing I want you to know is that ever since you talked to us about Edgar Allan Poe, I’ve read many of his works and I even have a favorite one now…I really fell in love with it. I can’t exactly say why, but I…think I identify with it on a subconscious level or at least that’s my best guess.”

Just received an e-mail from one of my former Bulgarian students. She’s applying for university and asked me to read and edit her personal statement. She also shared the above sentiment with me, which really made my day when I read her message during my prep period at school. (If anyone is interested, the Poe work she’s referring to is a poem called Dream-Land).

In other news, a different Bulgarian student who I wrote a recommendation letter for just told me he got accepted to Aston University in Birmingham, England! I am so excited for him and so incredibly proud. These small things just gave me a little fuel to keep encouraging my current students through the long upcoming month of March.